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Information Security
Mobile Data Information Security Training


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Sheinkin Consulting ltd. provides Information Security consulting to organization varying from Hi-Tec companies to large Industry to Government ministries.


Our Services include the following:

Risk Analysis
Perform an initial Risk Analysis, identifying Assets, Vulnerabilities, Threat sources and preventive measures relevant to the organization. As an output of this process we usually provide a list of tasks to be performed in order to improve the information security of the organization.
Security Auditing
Perform a periodic Security Auditing process to evaluate the organization's personnel, procedures, tools and processes used to secure its information assets.
Procedures & Best Practices
Development of Information Security Procedures and Best Practices for our clients. Our Information Security procedures are used in hundreds of sites in Israel and around the world.
Security Architecture
Design a specific Security Architecture for complex information security requirements.
Product Architecture
Design of Software Product Architecture to comply with security requirements, this is a service used by Hi-Tec companies, usually start-up companies.
New Technology Assessment
Assessment of New Technology and how it affects the Information Security of the organization. In a world of rapid technology advances and convergence, this issue is far from being trivial.

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