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Business Proposition
Business Proposition Value Chain


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05 April, 2005


Subject: Business Proposition for a Mobile Operator

Sheinkin Consulting ltd.

Sheinkin Consulting ltd. (est. 1988) Is a small technology consulting company which specializes in Mobile Data Value Area Services.

We have been in the Telecom VAS market since 1993, and in 1999 we provided the technical core team for GoNext, the 1st Israeli Mobile ISP.

GoNext was later absorbed in 2004 by its parent operator Pelephone Communication ltd., after reaching half a million paying subscribers and reaching positive EBITDA.

What we Offer

Our Business Proposition for Mobile Operators focuses on increase revenue through VAS services, focusing on the interface between the Marketing, Engineering & IT units.



Our consulting services are available for the complete range of Data VAS operations, Including:

         Data VAS Infrastructure

         New Value Added Services

         Marketing Insights

         OSS support

         Technology Support

         Analysis Reports

Data VAS Infrastructure

Data VAS Infrastructure includes capital equipment such as:

         GGSN / SGSN

         W@P GW

         SMSC / SMS GW


We provide support for the whole process of new equipment selection, including:

         Interviewing Operator Staff & defining requirements

         Writing the RFP

         Evaluating contenders

         Best & Final stage

         Pilot Installation

We also provide design services for the operator data network, including design for:




o       Vlans, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, WEB Security

New Value Added Services

We provide support for New VAS solutions complete lifecycle, including:

         Selection of New Service Type

         Locating and selecting solution provider

         Managing the integration process

         Building business analysis tools for the service

Marketing Insights

We provide marketing insight, distilled from information gathered from several mobile operators, regarding:

         Trends in both Technology and Business Models

         Established Market Segments and their most used solutions

         Methods for increasing usage of a VAS solution by:

o       Attracting new subscribers

o       Increasing usage

OSS support

We provide VAS OSS consulting, including:

         Integration with existing OSS infrastructure

         Capacity Planning of VAS capital equipment

         Performance Tuning of VAS systems

         Usage Analysis

Technology Support

We provide VAS Technology assistance, including:

         Technology & Provider Selection

         Integration with Mobile Infrastructure

         Integration with IT Infrastructure

         Choosing 3rd Party solutions

o       Avoiding Technological Dead Ends

o       Integrating Mobile Internet & the WEB

Analysis Reports

We publish Analysis Reports on several aspects of the Global VAS market, sourced from our own connections and information available from leading Mobile Operators and Technology leaders.

We also analyze specific issues for our clients, on a per order basis.

Our Clients

Pelephone Communication ltd.

1st Mobile Operator in Israel, currently #3 in size, with just over 2 million subscribers.

Cellcom Israel ltd.

Israel's largest Mobile Operator with over 2.4 million subscribers

Partner Communication ltd. (Orange Israel)

Israel's #2 Mobile Operator with over 2.2 million susbscribers

Comverse ltd.










Ofer Sheinkin



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